Transforming the Nations is a ministry where we focus on creating businesses.

Business, done well, is glorifying to God. There is a power in business to create dignity through jobs, to multiply resources through creativity and hard work, to provide for families and communities, to push forward innovation, develop God’s given talents, in short, to do good in society.

Beside the benefits of helping people grow and develop, businesses once big enough can start having a positive impact on environment, social issues, spiritual issues and economic issues in the world today.

God’s gift to you was your talent and your gift back to God is what did you did with your talent while on earth.

The Word of God says that while we are waiting for God to return HE expects us to do business until HE comes.

So get busy and use your gift and talent and multiply it for God’s glory.

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Transforming the Nations is a ministry of TTN Ministry.